These Guys Turned a 1982 Volvo into a $2 Million Dollar Supercar


A team from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan have turned junk into art, with some truly amazing results. This wasn’t your traditional garbage-to-art project of repurposing wood or creating impressive sculptures out of garbage, but something much, much more impressive.

They transformed a thirty-year-old 1982 Volvo 740 into a 2013 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. The ugly, junked-out Volvo, worth maybe a few hundred dollars for its scrap metal, incredibly looks a lot like the $2 million supercar.488fc6b3-83b3-465c-a4c9-94c28c30d43d

Their awe-inspiring project took just three months and about $15,000 of personal savings. The results are absolutely head-turning.

They found the designs for the car online, and completed the project by adding plastic, acrylic glass, carbon steel, wheels from a BMW X5, and specially designed metal, in addition to various parts from other cars.

The project has become a landmark for the city of Bishkek, which, with a population of about 940,000, is the largest city in Kyrgyzstan. The end project is gorgeous, and for the untrained eye, looks just like the real thing. They call it the “Kyrgz Lamborghini.”

According to one of the designers, “We wanted to see what we’re capable of. We wanted to see if we can prove, not only to others, but also to ourselves, that we can create complex architectural forms.”

LR2013.11-KGZ-Lambo-cycle-4Unfortunately, the car doesn’t run, and especially does not drive like a Lamborghini. Instead, they trailer it around town for shows and events, where people are able to see the convincing replica up close.

According to a designer, “In the future, we plan to create a concept car that will not be based on existing ideas, but will be fully designed by us. We want to have a proper Kyrgyz design, and maybe give it some Kyrgyz color, so that we will have a car fully produced by us.”LR2013.11-KGZ-Lambo-cycle-10

Kyrgyzstan currently has no domestic automobile industry, so all of their vehicles are imported. This piece of work is a fantastic start, and we really cannot wait to see what Kyrgyzstan comes up with next.LR2013.11-KGZ-Lambo-cycle-8