Taco Bell Giving Away Over 5,700 Limited Edition Gold PlayStation 4 Bundles


In what can be termed as one of the most lucrative promotional offers of late, fast-food giant Taco Bell has joined forces with Sony to help its customers win a stunning limited edition Gold Playstation 4 bundle every 10 minutes from September 24th to November 4th.  This comes to about 6,000 units of one of the most coveted gaming consoles to be won over a period of 40 days.

Source: www.PlayStation.com

Source: www.PlayStation.com

What does the Prize Include?

This much hyped and talked about promotional offer gives patrons a chance to win a Gold Playstation 4 system with a Gold DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller, one unchartered The Nathan Drake Collection game disc for the PlayStation 4 system and one voucher for a 1-year PlayStation Plus Membership.

How do You Enter for the Chance to Win a Gold PlayStation 4 Bundle?

All you gaming console enthusiasts have to do to enter for a chance to win the Gold PlayStation 4 Bundle is to head to your nearest participating Taco Bell outlet between September 24th and November 4th, 2015 and buy a Big Box. You will then be required to text the unique code provided to you with your order to check if you’ve won the gaming console. Those lucky enough to strike gold will be informed almost immediately about their prize.

Source: www.Shopify.com

Source: www.Shopify.com

Fast-Food/Video Game Cross Promotions

Promoting, cross-branding, and merchandizing big ticket products and films is not a novel trend in an era of incisive marketing strategies. Large film production companies have always been using the Happy Meal rage among children to promote their kiddies flicks. There have been other tie-ups such as the Red Bull and Destiny partnership, which has been an ingenious marketing initiative as well.

Though the partnership between a fast food chain and a console manufacturer doesn’t seem well-allied, it is still normal. Everyone is jumping on the international restaurant chains’ bandwagon to give their products the much required impetus. These razor sharp merchandise promotional techniques lure customers to try stuff they wouldn’t otherwise believe is worth their money or holds any value for them. And when it’s something as exclusive as a limited edition piece that’s not available without the promotional offer, fans are bound to fall over each other in a bid to grab them.

Though plenty of folks will be more than happy to cough up the required dough to purchase the limited edition console, it’s been purportedly kept exclusive by clever marketing brains to get the desired promotional offer response.