Former Husband Does Donuts Inside Ex-Wife’s House and Destroys It


Vengeance is a strange human emotion.  It is capable of making one do things that even they may not understand the reason behind.  And though it is impossible to know what happened between the man featured in this video and his former wife, one can only chalk it up to yet another inexplicable attempt at revenge.

Unfortunately there is very little backstory to this incident, and therefore an almost infinite amount of room to speculate and question what could possibly be prompting this guy to do something so crazy.  We don’t much at all about the perpetrator, except that, judging by the video, he appears to be middle aged.  We can also deduce that he is probably pretty rich judging by the fact that his car, an AC Cobra, is an old American sports car that was only manufactured intermittently from 1962 to 1967.  Out of a childlike curiosity, I couldn’t help but do some research and found that those cars typically run from $900,000 to over $1,000,000.  So, yeah… the guy is filthy rich.

There is even less to be said about the victim of this act.  All that is known is that she is the purported ex-wife of the man, and that no matter what she must have done to her former husband, she now has a pretty legitimate reason to be furious with him.  The donuts this guy did on her hardwood floors are more than likely going to cause some serious structural damage and will probably greatly affect the property value of the home.

One can also assume, however, that since this was caught on tape, went viral, and that the man’s identity is pretty clearly exposed, the ex-husband is more than likely going to get in a lot of trouble, and the ex-wife is probably going to get a pretty huge settlement out of the deal.  Then again, judging by how rich this guy must be, he can probably afford a pretty amazing lawyer.

The last detail of this video that one can’t help but wonder about is, who the heck is filming this?  What’s going to happen to that guy?  The donut guy must have a pretty good friend if they’re willing to involve themselves in multiple crimes just to film their friend doing something so, well… stupid.

The culture we live in today is one that gravitates toward gossip and pettiness.  Isn’t that what celebrity is all about, after all?  We must be wary of adding to it by picking sides on something we know nothing about.  Though this video is good for a quick laugh, we have to remember that these are real people.  At the same time, maybe it shouldn’t be taken so seriously.  Maybe the only question one should be asking themselves about this video is, how the heck did he get the car inside!?