BREAKING: At Least 13 Dead at Umpqua Community College Shooting in Oregon


School shootings are seemingly becoming all too common in this day and age. Year after year there seems to be multiple mass shootings within US schools and universities, and today yet another such tragedy has taken place.

We just got word of the senseless act in the town of Roseburg, Oregon where a mass shooting has just taken place at the Umpqua Community College. The shooting, which was officially called in at 10:38 a.m. local time ended with 1114the gunman in custody. Whether he was capture dead or alive has yet to be reported, and before being neutralized he was able to kill at least 13 individuals and injure many more.

“I turned around. I heard ‘active shooter,’ and I didn’t need to be told twice,” explained Umpqua student Larry Howell. “Everybody is reaching out to one another and checking on everyone. We don’t know which one of our colleagues are down,” he said.

Umpqua is a two-year school which caters to many older students. In fact the average age of their student body, according to their website was 38. The school, which is known for its safe atmosphere, reporting zero sex offenses, weapons possessions, hate crimes, robberies, or even liquor law violations from 2009-2012, is clearly under a state of shock.

With approximately 3,300 full-time students and 16,000 part-time students, the school is not tremendously large by any means, making this shooting even more impactful to the student body as a whole

“This is so out of character for this whole area,” says Rick Francona, a CNN military analyst who lives nearby.1113

As of the last reports, students are now being bussed to the Douglas County Fairgrounds for their own protection, while authorities, which include ATF agents and canine units search for firearm casing, explosives and ammunition.  The campus is currently on lock-down as we publish this story.

As of last reports Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg stated that they were treating 9 individuals themselves, with three more patients expected.  While we pray that the number of fatalities does not climb further, the fact that we are only a couple hours removed from this horrific event, means that in all likelihood they will.