Woman Saves Baby Squirrel After Floods in South Carolina


For those of you who haven’t heard, South Carolina is flooding, and it is a serious problems.  Fifteen people have already lost their lives in this horribly unfortunate turn of events.

But amidst the mayhem and tragedy, a small act of beauty occurred.  Sarah Scruggs, a 27-year-old woman, saved a baby squirrel.  She found it lying in a puddle on October 4th in Columbia, after the state had already experienced intense rain and flooding.

Scruggs talked to ABC News about the incident, saying, “I had gone out to see what damage there was in the neighborhood and I walked by and saw something. There was a little baby squirrel not moving but bubbling and sitting underwater.”

Scruggs wrapped the baby squirrel in her hoodie for warmth, then took it home where she is currently still nursing it back to health.  For the first day and a half, she fed the squirrel Pedialyte, an oral electrolyte solution intended for infants.  After that, she switched it to a puppy formula.

Scruggs explained the less than ideal situation, saying, “Nothing made for puppies or kittens is perfect for a squirrel’s needs but it will do for now.”

Experienced with wildlife, Scruggs estimates that the squirrel is between five and six weeks old.  She deduced this in part by how little the squirrel’s teeth are, and the fact that it still does not seek out solid food.  ht_squirrel_03_lb_151006_4x3_992

Scruggs and the squirrel bonded quickly.  She enjoys playing with it, and even went so far as to name it Arthur.  She doesn’t plan to keep him as a pet, however.

“I want him to jump and climb and have squirrel buddies,” she explained to ABC, before adding,  “I’m hoping he will transition back to his habitat well.”

Sadly, it is not only Arthur the Squirrel’s future that is uncertain.  The residents of South Carolina still anxiously anticipate another round of floods after the ostensibly endless onslaught of rain that caused them grief earlier this month.  Perhaps while many wait and prepare themselves for the possibility of another few days of chaos, they can find solace in the small acts of good that are still taking place around us.