Paddleboarders in Florida Get Incredible Surprise From Beneath the Water


When I was 23-years-old, my entire family decided to pack up and move from Southern New Jersey to a warmer climate down in Southwest Florida. At the time, my twin brother and I had never been to Florida before, but after recently graduating college, we had to decide if we wanted to move down south with the family, or move out of our parents home and live some 1200 miles away from them on our own. Ultimately we decided we’d head to Florida with them. After all, what wasn’t there to like about the sunshine state? Palm trees, dolphin, alligators, warm beaches and swamp buggies were atop of our list of things and places to see and do.

Once we got down here though, it wasn’t the dolphin, the alligators or the beautiful beaches which peaked our attention the most, but it was what some refer to as the “sea cows”. Of course I’m referring to the manatees we came in contact with — the large, friendly mammals who live beneath the sea, and somehow manage to make their blubbery bodies stay afloat. These huge creatures, sometimes weighing in excess of 1000 pounds, are rarely seen in their entirety. It is usually just the back of one of these creatures that pops up in murky water, or perhaps its head sprouting from the surface of the sea for a brief second or two.

However, what one couple on paddleboards had the opportunity to see in Hernando County, Florida recently, was certainly beyond their wildest dreams. As part of a tour/lesson given by an amazing company called SUP WEEKI, the two individuals (Tyler and Lauren), along with their instructor, had a chance to witness what very few people have ever seen before — a group of 10 manatees swimming together in crystal clear water, just inches beneath their boards.

“We don’t see even one every day so 10 at once is exceptional,” wrote a representative from SUP WEEKI on their Facebook page.


While it is very uncommon to see a herd of manatees this large when taking the SUP WEEKI tour on the Weeki Wachee River, it isn’t uncommon at all for their customers to come across, several of these amazing creatures. The best part is that the water is so clear in this river that it is almost impossible to miss one of them swimming by.

For those interested in getting a chance to see these amazing manatees in their natural environment, SUP WEEKI gives tours starting at just $40 per adult, with repeat visits costing just $30. This seems to be well worth the price for a once in a lifetime experience.