Brutal Video of Charlottesville Attack on Deandre Harris Emerges – $10,000 Reward Being Offered For IDs of Attackers


This past weekend, in addition to the horrendous terrorist attack that took the life of 32-year-old Heather Heyer, there were close to 2 dozen other individuals seriously injured in the White Supremacist march in Charlottesville, Virginia. One of these individuals was a 20-year-old special education instructor, named Deandre Harris.

Harris, who was at the march protesting white supremacist views, was brutally attacked by a group of individuals. Harris was lucky to emerge from the attack with only a broken wrist, laceration to his head and a chipped tooth, especially when you consider the photos that were released on social media depicting the large group of individuals surrounding him, holding pipes and other weapons.  Somehow, Harris was able to escape before the attackers could harm him even worse.

Already, one of the attackers has apparently been identified. His name is Daniel Borden, and it is believed that he was one of the men hitting Harris repeatedly — thanks to photos which went viral on social media. Now, a brutal video has emerged, showing almost the entirety of the incident, and depicting many of the faces of the various attackers.   Hopefully this video will be able to lead to the identification and arrests of these criminals. There is a reward of $10,000 being offered to anyone able to properly identify the attackers in the below video, as well as in the photos seen here and below.


Details of the $10,000 reward were shared by Senior Justice Writer for the New York Daily News, Shaun King, who has listed 5 things that he knows about the events which left Deandre Harris injured:

1. At least 5 men brutally and illegally assaulted Deandre by repeatedly punching, kicking, and hitting him with weapons. Those 4 men are all seen in the photo. This is a crime.
2. We have already identified the man in the hardhat as Daniel “Dan” Borden. He has not yet been located or arrested. But multiple witnesses described his brutality in this incident.
3. We just obtained the newest photo of the incident with the man in the red hat and do not yet have clearer photos of him. He did assault Deandre.
4. The man with the red beard caused the most damage to Deandre. Multiple witnesses told me he literally jumped in the air to gain force with each strike he inflicted on Deandre’s head.
5. We have not yet identified the man in the long sleeve white shirt but have included multiple pictures of him from the day.
6. We have not yet identified the man in the black outfit and hardhat who can be seen kicking Deandre in the newly released photo.

There is no debating that this attack should never have happened. Let’s hope that by sharing this article as well as the photos and video provided by Shaun King, we can have justice for Deandre Harris, and show the world that violent attacks like this will not be tolerated.  If you can’t identify anyone in the photos or video, please share this article in hopes that someone else can.

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