Watch As a CNN Crew Dramatically Rescues Two Elderly Flood Victims


With all of the hate and violence we have been reporting on as of late, sometimes it’s nice to report on humanity’s kindness toward one another. As Hurricane Harvey bared down on the Texas coast, causing flooding which may end up being some of the worst in American history, a CNN Camera crew, along with correspondent Ed Lavandera, took matters into their own hands.

Lavandera, along with his crew, were on a rescue boat reporting on the thousands of rescues which have taken place all across the southern part of Texas. They were in a particularly hard hit town of Dickinson, where flood waters had crept up rather suddenly, catching many victims off guard.

One woman named Pam Jones, decided to ride the storm out with her 86-year-old father and 83-year-old mother in an area she thought would be rather safe. The water just kept coming into the home, however, and Jones, along with her elderly parents, was forced to the second floor. With 3 feet of water in their home, they were basically trapped inside until Jones’ son came to rescue them on a wave runner, or the Coast Guard showed up.

The wait was grueling, and in the end neither the Coast Guard nor Jones’ son showed up. Instead a volunteer rescue boat with a crew from CNN appeared at their front door.

“We were about to leave the neighborhood, but we heard your voice,” CNN correspondent Ed Lavandera told Jones after aiding in the family’s rescue.

The boat, driven by a man named Austin Seth, also had Lavandera, CNN producer Jason Morris and cameraman Joel De La Rosa on board at the time of the rescue. All four men helped in the rescue in one way or another, and it was all captured on film by De La Rosa, which can be seen below.

All three flood victims were brought back to a dry location along Interstate 45, where they were reunited with family prior to returning to Pam’s house in Friendswood, Texas.

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