Nursing Home Residents Rescued From Flood After Photo Goes Viral


For anyone watching the nightly news to get an update as to how the state of Texas is fairing after Hurricane Harvey dumped record setting rain on the area, some of the photos and videos being shown are certainly breathtaking. The sheer amount of rainfall hitting Houston and surrounding areas is unlike anything that many of us have ever seen.

Thanks to the goodness in the hearts of many Texans, volunteers have been working hard to ensure that this disaster causes minimal fatalities. We’ve seen photos and videos of men, women, children and pets being rescued by volunteers manning motorboatsĀ and rescue helicopters. However, it is one photo that’s going viral which has taken social media by storm.

That photo is from the La Vita Bella nursing home in Dickinson, Texas. Posted on Twitter by Timothy J. McIntosh, it actually led to the rescue of 15 people, including many elderly men and women from the floods in Texas. The photo, as seen below, shows several elderly women sitting in what appears to be at least 2 1/2 feet of flood water. One woman even appears to be knitting throughout the whole ordeal.

McIntosh tweeted yesterday, “Need help asap emergency services please RETWEET,” and that apparently was enough to bump this nursing home to the top of the list for rescuers. Thankfully those in charge of the rescue efforts saw the photo and quickly sent rescuers to the nursing home to evacuate the elderly folks before things could get any worse.

McIntosh told ABC News that he believes these people were rescued so quickly because of the attention that the photo received on Twitter.

McIntosh’s wife, Kim, told the New York Daily News that no one asked her mother, who owns the facility, to evacuate anyone from the home, and in her time running the facility, the flooding had never gone past a sidewalk.

“My mom sent [the photo] to me at 9 this morning. She said it was a disaster,” Kim McIntosh told CNN. “They [were] waiting for helicopters or the National Guard. Most of these people are in wheelchairs and [on] oxygen,” she explained.

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