Trump Brags About Crowd Size As He Addresses Hurricane Harvey Victims


Since Donald Trump officially became a candidate to become the 45th President of the United States he has had an obsession with crowd sizes. Whether it was him falsely stating that he had the largest inauguration crowd in history, or if it was him bragging about the amount of people at his rallies, it has become almost predictable that given the opportunity, he will somehow find a way to boast about his crowd size.

This wouldn’t happen in Texas though, where Trump visited the state devastated by Hurricane Harvey though, right?


Standing on a platform between two Annaville (Corpus Christi), Texas fire trucks, Trump once again bragged about his crowd size, stating, “Thank you everybody! What a crowd, what turnout!” (see video below).

The mere fact that he thanked people for coming out in support of himself rather than in support of the victims, shows just how narcissistic this man really is. Instead of using this moment to thank everyone in Texas and around the country for coming out to help those in need, he instead was more enthusiastic about the individuals who wasted their time to come see him speak.

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