Residents in Port Arthur, Texas Beg for Help on Twitter as Flood Waters Rise


Just when we all began to believe that Hurricane Harvey was over, having left trillions of gallons of water in Houston and the surrounding areas, it has just made another landfall as a tropical storm.

This time, it made landfall near Cameron, Louisiana, not far from Houston, Texas. However, the city which appears to be getting the brunt of this second go-around is Port Arthur, Texas. Starting late last night, the area began getting their heaviest rains, falling on grounds already saturated by Harvey’s first and second landfalls. With nowhere for the water to go, flood waters have quickly risen and appear to be even worse than what was experienced just days earlier in Houston, which is just 100 miles west of this small town.

What makes matters even worse, is that the Jefferson County Sheriff, Zena Stephens, said that the county resources can’t even reach Port Arthur due to the severe flooding.

“We’re getting 911 and rescue calls but there’s nothing we can do,” Stephens said. “We can’t take the boats out right now. The water is rising and it’s coming there and it’s no way to get to them.”

Twitter this morning is filled with Port Arthur residents and families of those living in the town, begging for help as flood waters continue to rise at a rapid rate. Below is just a sampling of the calls for help which have been posted late last night and into this morning:

As of early this morning, over 20,000 homes have water in them, with this number rising by the minute. Keep in mind that this is a town of just 53,000 residents. Let’s hope the rain stops soon so emergency crews can make their way into this small town. Let us know your thoughts on this disaster, in the comments section below.