Hurricane Irma, The Most Powerful Storm Ever In the Atlantic — Path, Projections & More


In just under 72 hours, Hurricane Irma will likely be making landfall somewhere along the Southern Florida coast, as a strong category 4 hurricane. While the winds of 185 miles per hour that were seen on the island of Barbuda yesterday, likely won’t affect Florida, gusts of over 145 miles per hour could still occur.

As of the 8AM advisory from the National Hurricane Center, the projected path of Hurricane Irma would take the eye wall of the storm right over the Miami/Homestead area. It then proceeds north, putting the stronger, northeastern portion of the eye wall right over the Palm Beach area, prior to exiting the coast near the Cape Canaveral area on Monday morning.

While this is currently the official projection by the NHC, there are also computer models which take Irma to the east and to the west of this path. The entire state of Florida should continue to remain on guard as no one is out of the woods just yet. Even if Irma were to run up the East coast of Florida like the NHC’s projection suggests, those on the West coast will still feel tropical storm force winds and experience some minor tidal flooding.

The next 24-36 hours will be crucial in determining the exact path and power of this storm. Late Friday and early Saturday is when Irma is expected to make a turn more to the NW. If this turn happens earlier than anticipated, the storm could go to the east of Florida, sparing the entire state of the brunt of the storm. If it takes a few additional hours to make that turn, than the West coast of Florida could be targeted. We urge you all to stay tuned to your local news, and don’t rely only on the projected path, but rather the entire cone which shows the possible margin of error of the projections.

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