Love For the Ages: Rosalynn & Jimmy Carter Caught on the ‘Kiss Cam’ At Turner Field


If you’ve ever been to a professional sports game, than you have likely seen, or maybe even been a part of the ‘Kiss Cam.” Basically a large video screen at the stadium or arena depicts couples (well at least what the cameraman believes are couples) in the stands. If you and your loved one are selected, a kiss is expected in front of the entire crowd, and perhaps even a television audience.

While I have never personally made it onto any Kiss Cam before, it is in fact on my personal bucket list, and I have to say I’m a huge fan of anything which will publicly promote love between two people.

Last night in Atlanta, at Turner field, where the Braves were taking on the Toronto Blue Jays, two very special fans were the subject of the Kiss Cam. In attendance were former President and First Lady, Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter, sitting in their usual seats behind the Braves dugout. While numerous fans were caught on the camera, which everyone in attendance was able to see, as well as those of us watching the game at home on TV, the cam ended on the 90 and 88-year-old couple who spent four years in the White House from 1977-1981.

k1The couple quickly kissed and then smiled, as Braves fans in the background were seen cheering and clapping, something that had been missing from the stadium earlier in the game as the home team ended up losing to Toronto 5-0.

Jimmy Carter, who revealed recently that he has melanoma which has spread to his brain and liver, is currently undergoing treatment to help manage the disease at Emory Healthcare in Atlanta. While brain cancer certainly isn’t a diagnosis anyone wants to hear, Carter is in relatively good health otherwise, at least for a 90-year old, and looked healthy in the video. He also seems to be enjoying life to the fullest, not worrying about what his battles ahead of him may encompass.

It was awesome to see a man like Carter showing affection for his wife of nearly 70 years on a public stage, thanks to the Kiss Cam. We wish them many more loving years ahead.