Texas Police Department Introduces a New 1005 Horsepower Z06 Corvette


Being arrested could never be fun…but just imagine being taken away in the front seat of this beauty!

It’s going to be one of the fastest and certainly one of the most eye-catching vehicles on the roads surrounding New Braunfels, Texas. And it belongs to the police! But don’t worry – you won’t be seeing it in your rearview mirror.

The New Braunfels Police Department (NBPD), thanks to their help with a federal drug investigation, was awarded the 2007 Corvette Z06 as part of an asset distribution after a court determined that its owner was involved in criminal activity and that his proceeds had paid for the items confiscated.

Under the law, seizure money and other assets, such as the Corvette, can be used for very specific law enforcement purposes (not including the hiring of additional personnel). This is one creative way to call the community’s attention to the service performed by its law enforcement officers, who dedicate themselves to their often dangerous jobs with little if any fanfare.

Car 3

The NBPD’s new vehicle, with an engine which had been extensively race-modified to generate 1005 horsepower, was then transformed with new graphics by Digital D-Signs into an impressive rolling promotional tool for the department.

Although it’s extremely fast, the Corvette won’t be used as a patrol car. Instead, it will be seen only at special events, where it’s sure to draw plenty of attention from kids and adults alike.

As part of the excitement surrounding its unveiling, children eight to sixteen years of age are being invited to participate in a “Name The Corvette Contest”. Entries must be family-friendly. Some of those submitted so far include “Lightning McCrime”, “Copnado”, “The Long Arm”, “The Interceptor” and “The Alternator”. One woman even suggested painting an officer with angel wings on the trunk or hood because “Y’all are heroes, our protectors, our angels.”

Car 1


The deadline for entries was 5 PM on Friday, September 18. A committee of NBPD employees will choose the winner, and the results will be announced on Tuesday, September 22. That individual will not only get bragging rights but will also win the opportunity to ride inside the Corvette during the Comal County Fair Parade and have his or her picture taken with the vehicle (plus a few other police department prizes).

Specific details regarding the competition are available on the department’s Facebook page. All decisions are final and not subject to review.