Tsunami Warning in Connecticut and the East Coast of United States Turns Out to Be Mistake


Perhaps the most scary earthly phenomenon known to man would be that of a Tsunami. Hurricanes and tropical storms are predicted days in advance, and tornados only effect small areas at a time, but when a Tsunami strikes, it is usually without much warning, and the damage incurred can be completely devastating. So a warning in Connecticut this morning certainly had many individuals scared beyond belief.

tsuIt happened early this morning when a tsunami warning alert ran on several Connecticut stations, warning people of a potential impending disaster. Apparently the warning was meant as an internal EAS test being put forth by the National Weather Service, never intended to go public. Unfortunately though, the Connecticut Broadcasters Association says that the Brookhaven Long Island NWS office made a mistake in sending the bogus test notification out to the public via NOAA weather radio. This then led to other Connecticut stations replaying the message.

The National Weather Service explained the mistake in more detail:

“As part of a routine monthly test issued by the National Weather Service/NWS National Tsunami Warning Center in Palmer Alaska…the NWS New York NY office sent a tsunami test warning message over NOAA weather radio all hazards. This transmission was sent to local emergency alert systems for possible redistribution,” a statement from The National Weather service says. “There is no tsunami threat at this time.”

tsu2While today’s forecast is for nothing but sun in the Connecticut area, the frightening alert was evidently sent out to Long Island Sound, areas east of New Haven, Fairfield County, Middlesex County, New Haven County, and New London County. Thankfully this was only a test of the Emergency Broadcast System, and it was ONLY a test!

The United States typically is not a place threatened significantly by tsunami’s, but they do have one of the world’s most advanced warning systems, a system that on this occasion caused a false alarm. Tsunami’s are mostly caused by earthquakes under the sea, which in turn cause a significant movement of water, thus resulting in huge waves which have wiped out entire towns in the past.