Karma Punches Back: Bully Gets Knocked Out After Hitting Blind Kid in the Face


A lot has been made about bullying within schools over the past several years. Whether it is mocking other students with hurtful words, or physically harming them, bullies certainly need to be put into their places.  For one bully in California, this certainly was the case.

Typically when it comes to fighting, while there usually are no set of rules, people are considered cowardly when they try and fight someone who is disabled. This apparently was not on the mind of one teenager at Huntington Beach High School, in California, when he decided to pick on a blind kid. Yes, you read that right, a blind kid. And better yet, it was all caught on tape.

In this horrific example of bullying at its worst, the one student is seen throwing punches to the face of the helpless blind kid, as several others stand around watching. Then, out of nowhere, the bully is slammed to the ground by another student who comes to the defense of the victim.  The bully is left nearly unconscious and quite bloody.

“You trying to jump a f****** blind kid, bro?” the heroic teen is heard saying in the original video (removed due to profanity), as he hovers over the bully. “What the f— is your problem?”

Then as soon as the bully is put into place — or perhaps we should say “dropped into place”, the heroic student goes over to the blind kid to make sure he is OK. He then tells the bully, “I swear to god. If you f***** f*** with this kid again, I will f*** you up!”

The video has since gone viral over several social media outlets, as people around the world are falling in love with the heroic student who came to the aid of his fellow handicapped school-mate. In the mean time, not only did the bully get his face bloodied for his ridiculous actions, but he has also been arrested for misdemeanor battery.  He has since been released to his parents. No other arrests have been or will be made in the case.

There is no word yet on whether or not the school will discipline the student who knocked the bully out, but classmates, and surely most of the internet, feel as though only one person should one of the students should face any disciplinary action, with that being the bully himself.