Man Who is Scared Of Spiders Accidently Torches Gas Pump And Car


A Michigan man’s deathly fear of spiders caused big trouble when he tried to dispatch one by burning it with a lighter…while filling up his car at a Detroit area gas station. (Scroll down for video)

“He didn’t have a cigarette. He didn’t have anything on him. All of a sudden, I look out and I see flames,” said employee Susan Adams. “That’s when he pulled the lighter out of his pocket and lit it and started the fire.”

Spider Fire 02

The hapless motorist admitted to authorities he saw the spider near his fuel filler door and made the unwise decision to use his lighter to get it off. He can be heard on surveillance video asking: “Is that a spider in there?” Then, suddenly, flames engulf the man’s car and the gas pump.

The pump was destroyed, but his vehicle suffered little damage. And, luckily, no one was hurt. Insurance is expected to cover the cost of repairs.

The customer pulled his vehicle out of the way but didn’t run from the melee he had just caused. He had the presence of mind to grab an extinguisher and get the situation under control by the time the fire department arrived.

But, Adams says, he was evasive as to what had happened.

“It shocked me because it was like, ‘So how did it catch on fire,'” said Adams. “And when I asked him after everything was done I’m like ‘Well, I know you wasn’t smoking and you wasn’t on the phone.’ So he’s like, ‘Well I have static in my car.’ So, I took it as that, because when you have static you’re supposed to get out the car and wipe your hands on your car.”

However, after being questioned by fire investigators, the sheepish motorist admitted how the fire really started. Reportedly, the embarrassing incident didn’t prevent him from returning the next day for another fill-up.  This isn’t the first “accident” that we have seen caused by a person’s disliking for spiders.  In fact, just last week we reported on a woman who jumped from her moving car, leaving her son inside because she saw a spider herself.