Playstation VR To Be Priced at $399 – Launches in October With 50 Games


Today was a big one for the Playstation community as Sony announced key information regarding their highly anticipated Playstation VR headset.  While there had been much speculation on just what the final specs of the device would be, along with the retail price and launch date, today all those answers were provided to us at an event at GDC in a matter of just 15 minutes.

While The HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are priced at $799 and $599 respectively, with both requiring a high power PC to operate, Sony has once again surprised the masses with their pricing announcement.  Sony will drastically undercut the competition, pricing the Playstation VR at just $399.  Unlike the other platforms, their headset will only require a Playstation 4 console, which over 30 million individuals already own.  Sony also announced the expected launch month for their headset, lagging behind both Oculus and HTC with an October date.  Although it may be longer than many had expected, the launch will be in time for the holiday rush.  Additionally the company has stated that the Playstation VR will laiunch with over 50 titles come October and “When consumers get the PSVR in October, they’ll enjoy a seamless experience that straightforward to setup and accessible.”

While 50 titles is nothing to yawn about, Sony has also promised many more title announcements in the months ahead, and said that over 230 developers are currently working on games and applications for the headset.  This includes the exclusive title ‘Star Wars Battlefront VR experience’.

As for specifications for the device, they will be just what many fans had expected based on earlier test versions of the headset.  The specs are as follows:

  • OLED Display
  • 5.7 inch screen
  • 1920 x RGB x 1080 Resolution
  • 9 LED sensors, 360 degree tracking
  • Under 18ms latency

All in all, the event was short and very sweet, with gamers seemingly very pleased at the price-point, the number of titles, and the 2016 release date.  Although many may have hoped for a date closer to that of HTC’s announced June 2016 launch, considering the drastic price difference compared to competition, I have a feeling that fans of Sony will wait it out.  Let’s hear your thoughts on today’s event in the Playstation VR forum on