Sony Apparently Working on ‘Playstation 4.5’ In Order to Boost PS VR Potential


Earlier this week Playstation fans got quite a bit of good news as Sony announced that they would be launching their highly anticipated Playstation VR headset in October of this year.  Additionally, the announced price of $399 came in well below what many consumers were expecting.  What gives Playstation VR such huge potential is the fact that a separate high-powered PC is not required in order to use it, like with the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.  Instead, anyone with a PS 4 is able to purchase the PS VR and instantly immerse themselves in a virtual reality world.  One slight caveat here is that even though the PS 4 is quite powerful, some of the high performance PCs which will be compatible with the Rift or Vive, outperform the console.

This may be leading Sony to consider launching an entirely new Playstation console dubbed the Playstation 4.5.  Whether or not this will be the name of the system upon launch is yet to be determined, but developers and company executives are using the name for the time being we are told.  The PS 4.5 would feature a more robust graphics card, and possibly a more powerful processor, allowing for games to be rendered in 4K resolution.  Additionally it would boost the performance of the console, allowing for higher quality Playstation VR Games.  Kotaku recently reached out to Sony in a quest for further information regarding this project but struck out.

“We can’t comment on rumors or speculation,” stated Sony in an email.

While there are no guarantees that a Playstation 4.5 is on the way, it would make sense as Sony looks to ramp up the power behind the system, but at the same time is far from ready to release a brand new console which would be called the Playstation 5.  Whether or not the old system would be able to be upgraded somehow is also unknown, but such an upgrade could go a long way to attracting developers to their VR platform.  Sony already has quite a bit of an advantage in the VR space when it comes to price, but the fact that they won’t begin shipping units until the end of 2016 may cause consumers to reach further into their pockets to purchase a Vive or Rift.  One thing that could convince consumers, even more so, to hold off and wait for the PS VR would be the prospect of a console upgrade around the same time as the launch in October.

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