The 5 Best Smartphone VR Headsets On the Market Today


More and more lately I have been asked to recommend the best virtual reality headset for the utilization of the technology on one’s smartphone.  While there are a number of devices out there, many of which cater to only a particular subset of smartphones, price, performance and comfort set many aside from the rest.  I have decided to write up a quick guide as to which smartphone headsets are the best bang for your buck.  As always, feel free to comment on my thoughts in the forum related to this article.

#1 Samsung Gear VR
– Price $99.99
– Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge
– The Gear VR is at the higher end of the smartphone VR headset market, but the higher price certainly does equate to higher quality as well as more VR options. There are several games and experiences which are made just for the Gear VR and this exclusivity should expand as Samsung is giving away tens of thousands of these headsets to their smartphone customers. With all this said, unless you have a newer Samsung smartphone, this is not a headset meant for you.

#2 IMAX Movie Visor 3D
– Price: $33.99
– Compatibility: Any 4.0-5.9 inch smartphone (Android, iOS, Windows)
– If you do not have a Samsung smartphone, then this headset may be your next best option. It’s incredibly comfortable with built-in stability knobs which allow you to adjust the headset to your particular face. It will work with any smartphone which measures 4.0-5.9 inches, and it weighs just 280 grams. For the price, this phone ranks up there as the best bang for your buck. I only valued the Gear VR higher because of the treasure trove of exclusive content that’s already available.

#3 Motoraux 3D Virtual Reality Headset
– Price: $35.99
– Compatibility: Any 4.0 – 5.5 inch smartphone (Android, iOS, Windows)
– This headset is very similar to that of the IMAX Movie Visor in terms of quality and usability. The reason I have the IMAX Visor ahead of this device is that this one is priced $2 higher and only will support smartphones measuring up to 5.5 inches in diameter. This device weighs the same as the IMAX Visor and also adjusts to the user’s face in a similar fashion. While it may be slightly better in terms of build-quality, we’d still go with the IMAX Visor over this.

#4 ZiKON 3D VR Headset Glasses
– Price: $43.99
– Compatibility: Any smartphone with screen measuring up to 6 inches in diameter
– While priced higher than most of the other headsets, the ZiKON headset works with almost any smartphone imaginable. Additionally the quality of its construction seems on par with the Samsung Gear VR, and the leather edges around the face mask adds to it’s comfort and appeal. The one main complaint about this headset is that the parts which hold the phone in place are rather cheap and flimsy, making it a bit agravating if you have a larger smartphone like the iPhone 6 Plus.

#5 View-Master Virtual Reality
– Price: $19.18
– Compatibility: Almost all Smartphones, iOS, Android, Etc
– This was the first VR head that I ever purchased, and in fact Apple was selling these on their online store for a while. While the headset lacks quite a bit, the price makes it a great starting point for those wanting to test out their phone’s VR capabilities. The Viewmaster VR headset lacks a headband, meaning that you need to constantly hold it to your face. Also it’s not incredibly comfortable. With this said, it does work well with almost any smartphone and is great for kids.