Playstation VR Bundle is Now Ready For Pre-order


When Sony announced details of their Playstation VR headset last week, it took many by surprise.  The device, which was priced considerably lower than the competing headsets, such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, could very well be the most popular among gamers this holiday season.  While HTC and Oculus begin shipping their headsets over the next few weeks, Playstation VR will not launch until October.  That’s a long time for some gamers to wait for their virtual reality fix, but Sony still remains confident in their sales outlook.

As a way to possibly fend off losing customers to Oculus, who releases the Rift on March 28, or HTC, who will releases the Vive on April 5, Sony has today opened up pre-orders for the Playstation VR, in bundle form.  The bundle, which will cost $499 and will come with the headset along with the PlayStation Camera, two Move controllers, PlayStation VR Worlds and a Playroom VR digital download.  Basically it is everything a user would need besides the Playstation 4 to get started.  And for those wanting to get in on the pre-order action but already have the Move controllers or Playstation camera, there is good news for you as well.

“Thanks to everyone for sharing their feedback on PlayStation VR pre-orders! It’s clear that there’s a lot of interest from many of you to secure the PlayStation VR core system, and I’m happy to share that we’ve decided to make it available for pre-order on Tuesday, March 29, at 7:00 a.m. PT at participating retailers,” reads the Sony Playstation blog.

While this move likely won’t stop gamers from considering a purchase of a Vive or a Rift, it’s a strategic move in the right direction by Sony to hopefully get into gamers’ wallets before they dish out even more money for the other headsets on the market.  If you wish to pre-order the Playstation VR bundle, you may do so here.

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