Samsung Begins Notifying Galaxy S7 Buyers That Their Free Samsung Gear VR Is Being Shipped


a2One of the coolest promotions we have ever seen within the smartphone market is the one which Samsung has been offering buyers of their latest smartphones, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.  Not only did those who purchased either smartphone between the dates of 2/23/16 and 3/18/16 receive one of the better phones on the market, but they also received vouchers for a free Samsung Gear VR headset and one free year of Netflix.  Not bad considering the going rate for these two freebies amount to around $195. The offer was valid for anyone who purchased either of these smartphones on a 2-year installment plan, 2 year contract plan or purchased/leased the phone outright. Well, we got some good news this morning, as it appears that those initial customers who did in fact send in their vouchers on time are now receiving emails from Samsung notifying them that they have been approved for their Gear VR headsets.  The first emails, which appear to have gone out within the last 12-36 hours indicate that the headsets are scheduled to be shipped anywhere between by April 1 and April 30.  The emails also include the Netflix code to claim a 1-year subscription to the video streaming service as well as details on how users can claim their free 6-game virtual reality bundle.

We don’t know how many S7 and S7 Edge smartphones have sold between 2/23/16 and 3/18/16, nor how many buyers actually spent the time to send in their vouchers on time, but it’s fair to guess that tens of thousands of free Samsung Gear VRs will be shipping to their new owners over the course of the next several weeks.  This should have a substantial impact on the Gear VR ecosystem as new users will certainly attract developers to the platform.  While this move by Samsung will likely benefit them the most, the entire Android and iOS virtual reality market could see a boost as developers and smartphone owners alike have reason for excitement.

Have you sent in a voucher for your free Gear VR headset?  Let us know and feel free to post a copy of any approval emails Samsung may have sent you in the Free Gear VR forum on