Microsoft Begins Shipping HoloLens Augmented Reality Headsets to Developers


It’s been a long time coming, and although the HoloLens may not be ready for retail quite yet, today marks the day in which the very first Hololens augmented reality headsets begin shipping to developers.  The developer edition, which costs a staggering $3,000, will ship in waves according to Microsoft and it appears as if that first wave has just set its sights on shore.

“Received hololens shipment confirmation. Could have it as early as tonight, depending on actual status,” Tweeted engineer and developer Rafael Rivera.

It appears as if Microsoft may be slightly ahead of their self-imposed timeline for shipping the developer edition headsets.  Initially the company claimed that there would be multiple waves of shipments, starting on March 30 and continuing thereafter every 2-3 months or so.  This means that the company is close to a week ahead of schedule.

If you are one of the developers who may have dished out $3,000 for a headset, there will be a number of applications ready to go once you receive it.  These include Actiongram Beta, Galaxy Explorer, RoboRaid, Skype, HoloStudio, HoloTour, Young Conker, and Fragments. Microsoft has also assured the media that many new applications will be forthcoming as developers begin doing what they do best, develop.  As for when the HoloLens will be made available to everyone else, and at what price it will retail at, we are still waiting for official details from Microsoft.  Without a doubt this is one of the most anticipated launches in many years by the company and they likely want to perfect the technology, while also making sure that there is an adequate number of applications available upon retail launch.

Let us know if you have received notification that your HoloLens developer edition headset has been shipped and stay up to date regarding who else has received their order in the Microsoft HoloLens Shipments forum on