The First Waves of Virtual Reality Inflicted TV Casualties Have Begun


a1We all knew it was coming sooner or later; the emotional storm of shattering television screens caused by the shipment of thousands of virtual reality headsets.  As the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift begin shipping to thousands of households around the globe this week and at the beginning of April, there are sure to be many damaged television sets being reported on the various social networks out there.  Today, one of the first such television casualties has been reported by a man named Alexandre Bouchet, located in Laval, France.

Bouchet wasn’t the one who caused the damage to his 65 inch plasma TV when an HTC Vive controller hit and shattered the screen of the massive display.  Instead, it was someone trying the system out, likely for the first time.

“Just broke our 65″ plasma with a @htcvive controller hit during a demo 🙂 #wiisyndrome @lavalvirtual #forcefeedback,” Tweeted Bouchet this morning.

Bouchet did say that the user defined a ‘safe zone’ with the Vive, but that safe zone did not hold up to the constant throwing of virtual objects that the user took part in.  Unfortunately, the user’s arm got just a tad bit too close to the screen, and the Vive controller made rapid and rather strong contact with the aging Plasma screen.  As you can see from the photograph, the Tv is likely done for.

While such problems will likely continue for virtual reality enthusiasts, hopefully this early lesson will help some new VR gamers think twice before violently throwing their arms around in an area where not only a television could be destroyed, but so too could other objects or even people.  I’m sure the next series of VR casualties will include bloody noses and black eyes.  Let’s just hope that early warnings like the one Bouchet has posted will help reduce such problems to some extent.

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