HTC Begins Processing Vive Orders According to Emails


While earlier in the week it was Oculus Rift pre-order shipments making waves within the virtual reality space, it appears as if HTC will be exuding excitement going into the final week of March.  As the world awaits the first wave of Oculus shipment arrivals this coming week, HTC seems to be preparing to begin shipping the Vive any day now.  While official word from the company has the Vive launching on April 5, nine days from now, this morning, in a sign that shipments could possibly begin earlier than expected, HTC began emailing pre-order customers letting them know that their Vive order is now being processed.

“Thanks for pre-ordering the HTC Vive,” reads the email. “Your order’s being processed now. To check your order status, or if you need help, look up your order online. If you still have questions or requests related to your order, please contact us.”

The email then goes on to show a diagram of the box in which the Vive will arrive in, listing and labeling each item that will be included within.  The list includes all of the following: Base station X2, Sync cable, Base station power adapter X2, Mounting kit, Link box, Link box mounting pad, Link box power adapter, HDMI cable, USB cable, Earbuds, Alternate face cushion, Cleaning cloth, Documentation, Headset with 3-in-1 cable and audio cable, Controller (with lanyard) X2, and Micro USB charger X2.

While this email is sure to get many pre-order customers excited, it’s really hard to say just what it may mean in terms of shipping time.  There have been reports of customers who had expected ship dates of May getting the email along with those expecting an April ship date.  The email may just be a way for HTC to remind its pre-order customers that they will soon be charged for their order, as well as garner some excitement at a time when Oculus seems to be taking a lot of the limelight.

Let us know if you have received the email yet from HTC, and when your expected ship date is.  Please post this information in the HTC order processing forum on