Virtual Reality Is Finally Here — Already Annoying People On Public Transportation


a1One flaw of the various virtual reality headsets is the ridiculous looks the users often get.  Sure this is fine if you are in your living room by yourself or with maybe some friends or your spouse, but more than likely you won’t be strapping a Samsung Gear VR to your head and immersing yourself in a game within a public space.  Perhaps I’m wrong and eventually society will overcome the rather obscure look of a grown man with a bulky piece of plastic strapped to his face, interacting with a world which only he belongs to.

For now though, it appears as if public VR use will quickly make you the brunt of all jokes.  Take for instance a man who recently ventured out into the world, via Boston’s Public transportation, with a Samsung Gear VR headset strapped to his face.  The man, who continues to go unnamed, ventured onto a Green Line train in Boston.  At first he garnered quite a few stares, but wasn’t all too much of a distraction. Then it happened, he got overly immersed into whatever game he was playing and his gentle head movements quickly became much more frantic permeating down to the rest of his body.  In the meantime sounds began to come from his mouth, and soon the other passengers on the train were half annoyed and half entertained.

“There was a guy sitting there on his VR headset and as the ride went along he was becoming a little bit more animated,” Neil Lindquist, the man who took the video you will see below, told Newsbeat.  “Initially, he was pretty quiet but about 10 minutes in he was having much more of a reaction to the game. At first, I was trying to figure out if it was a joke or not because we were getting pretty close to April Fools. But it wasn’t!”

This incident begs the question of whether or not a public ban could be implemented on VR headsets.  While many may question the purpose of banning these devices in public, if a user’s movements get too abrupt and violent, especially in a crowded space, bad things could certainly happen.  What are your thoughts on the public use of VR headsets?  Would you use one on a bus, subway or train?  How about on a busy street corner?  Let’s hear your thoughts in the Public VR forum on  Check out the Video of the man below: