360-Degree Cameras Are Here! Samsung Gear 360 Spherical VR & GoPro Omni Camera Details Announced


It’s been one heck of a month thus far for the 360-degree video camera space.  With virtual reality headsets such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift arriving this month, and an explosion in the number of Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR headsets shipping to customers, content is something that everyone would agree is lacking.

Not for long though, as we have just encountered a 360-degree camera tsunami.  Earlier this week LG began pre-selling their LG 360 camera bundled with their VR headset and G5 smartphone.  Then just the other day VideoStitch began taking pre-orders for their Orah 4i Live camera at a 50% discount.  Well, today things got even more interesting and crowded within the space, as both Samsung and GoPro made major announcements.  While both the GoPro Omni Camera and the Samsung Gear 360 Spherical VR device were known to be headed our way, details had been lacking on price and specifications.  That ended this morning as both companies revealed crucial details for their new 360-degree cameras.

First let’s take a look at the Samsung Gear 360 Spherical camera, which is available now for pre-order at BH Photo Video for just $349.00, putting it in competition with the LG 360 camera we detailed earlier in the week.  Below you will find this new dual-lense camera’s specifications:

  • Record 360° Spherical Photos/Videosa1
  • Dual 15MP CMOS Sensors
  • Dual f/2.0 Fisheye Lenses
  • 3840 x 1920 Video Recording at 30 fps
  • 30MP Still Images in Dual Lens Mode
  • Dual & Single Lens Modes
  • Built-In Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & NFC
  • Supports microSD Card Up to 128GB
  • Google Street View Compatible

Next comes the GoPro Omni VR Camera Rig, which we first heard about approximately a year ago, but had no clue what the final version would look like.  The new rig will fit 6 GoPro cameras, which alone will cost approximately $3,000.  GoPro, however has said that they will be selling the rig by itself or offering it in a bundle which will include the rig and the 6 required cameras.  They did not offer final pricing details, but one should assume that the entire package will be available for under $4,000.  Yes, it’s pricey, but GoPro has proven themselves in the space already and the entire rig package should come, priced competitively with other devices which are making their way into the market later this year.  Additional details and official pricing for this device are forthcoming at the NabShow on April 16-21 in Las Vegas, NV.

It’s certainly exciting to see all of the new products coming to market early this year related to 360-degree video.  Certainly this will equate to much more VR content down the line and the increased competition should lead to a decline in hardware pricing as we move towards the end of 2016.  Let’s hear your thoughts on these two forthcoming cameras in the Samsung Gear 360 Spherical & GoPro Omni forum on VRTalk.com.