Virtual Reality: The Unforeseen Consequences


With literally millions of virtual reality headsets ready to be shipped over the coming year ahead, homes across the planet will be filled with thrilling gaming experiences, which were unimaginable only a few short months ago.  With theses virtual experiences exploding in popularity, there is sure to be numerous unforeseen consequences that will spout up.  We thought we’d play it safe and warn all of you VR enthusiasts of the real and present danger lurking behind these innocent looking VR headsets that were just a11brought into your homes.

VR Blindness

Although this sounds worse than it is (no you aren’t going to physically go blind from wearing that Oculus Rift headset), VR blindness is a real danger.  When I say ‘blindness’ I mean the lack of vision that a headset wearer has to their surroundings.  This means you won’t be able to notice grandma falling down breaking her hip, your wife struggling on the top rung of a ladder, or where the straw is in relation to your mouth as your thirst level builds from all the physical exertion of VR.   Also while watching a horror movie on a traditional television screen, you are free to squash your fears by quickly glancing to see what’s behind you in order to make sure that the axe murderer isn’t actually in your apartment. With VR, however, quickly turning around to see what’s behind you will only exacerbate your fears as you will still be caught up within the same virtual environment.

Damage to Living Things

I avoided simply saying other human beings, because cats and dogs, bunnies and pet turtles are all included in this warning.  We have already seen black eyes and bloody lips thanks to sword wielding VR fanatics, but what may be even worse than hitting a fellow human being, who has to, in some ways be accountable for themselves and their proximity to the gamer, stepping on your pet turtle, punching Rover in the face, or booting Garfield out of an open window could forever change one’s views towards virtual reality.  Imagine thirty years in the future when every human being lives their lives within a virtual world, yet you refuse to even touch the HTC Vive 18 because of that incident with your pet turtle.  It would be one heck of a lonely life, wouldn’t it?

Damage to Property

We’ve already seen numerous cases of broken televisions, broken lamps, and broken VR controllers, all due to the fact that VR blindness leads to catastrophic collisions between your body or controller and whatever is in your way.  In order to prevent such calamity one must clearly set out a path for their destructive behavior.  Make sure that the family china is nowhere in sight and remove any other breakables within your range.  Also if there is a television screen or monitor anywhere in sight, move it out of the way or turn it so that the screen is facing away from you.

While VR is sure to bring endless hours of enjoyment into your home, remember to stay safe and think ahead.  Let us know your thoughts on the dangers of VR in the Virtual Reality Damage forum on