The Plantronics Rig 4VR Gaming Headset — Made Specifically For Playstation VR


a1With the Sony Playstation VR headset expected to begin shipping in approximately six months, virtual reality fanatics are already getting quite excited about the $400 device. In fact even peripheral manufacturers like Plantronics are already getting their hopes up that Sony’s VR headset will sell like hot cakes.  Plantronics, known for their video game audio headsets, this week announced that they are jumping headfirst into the audio space for virtual reality, unveiling the Plantronics Rig 4VR Gaming Headset.  This new device is made specifically for the PS VR, and according to Plantronics will greatly outperform the Sony-made earbuds which will ship with the PS VR come October.

“At Plantronics, we’ve been working with a variety of VR accessories and game developers to create audio solutions that can be worn comfortably while delivering the positional audio queues critical for VR,” said Jack Reynolds, Director of Gaming Products at Plantronics.

The Rig 4VR Gaming Headset will be priced around $70, and come packed full of useful features to put out high quality audio, designed specifically for virtual reality use.  Below you will find a list of some of the features and specifications for this new audio headset:

  • Unique oval earcups
  • 3.5mm audio connector
  • 40mm drivers and low-frequency resonators leading to enhanced bass
  • Flexible and light-weight frame
  • Allows for ambient sound, leading to better gamer balance

What’s also great about this new headset is that if you have a RIG 500, you can swap out accessories on that device and put them on the Rig 4VR.  Better yet, the earcups and headband can be changed to better suit your style and personal preferences and the microphone can easily be swapped out.  As for the sounds coming from this new device, Plantronics describes them as brilliant.  The positional audio produced by the headset allows for an even more immersive virtual reality experience when used in unison with the Playstation VR.

Will you be purchasing one of these headsets in the near future?  Let us know your thoughts in the Plantronics Rig 4VR Gaming Headset forum on