Visionary VR Raises $6M In Order to Bring VR Storytelling Into The Mainstream


Just like black and white television was supplanted by color, which was then supplanted by HD TV and 4K TV, many within the entertainment industry believe that virtual reality media consumption may be the next new technology to take over people’s living rooms.  And if a company called Visionary VR has anything to say about it, they will offer the software which makes such content creation not only possible, but almost easy.

Located in Los Angeles, California, and headed up by CEO Gil Barron, Visionary VR wants to provide the tools to allow everyone, from the multi-billion dollar production studio to amateur content creators working from home to create professional content in a virtual reality environment.  In order to enable this, the company is working on software which they have scheduled for release this Summer.  The intuitive software is still a work in progress, but today the company may have gotten the shot in the arm that they so desired.  In a round of funding led by DFJ Venture, Visionary VR has raised $6 million to further their cause.

“Given Visionary VR’s insights into how storytelling is going to be redefined by virtual reality in the future, this company is aligned with DFJ’s long history of investing in disruptive technologies,” said Bubba Murarka, partner at DFJ, in a statement. “Even after seeing hundreds of VR demos and even creating our own VR app at DFJ, experiencing Visionary VR’s product left our team slack-jawed. It is that impressive.”

Also involved in the oversubscribed funding round were The Virtual Reality Fund, GC VR Gaming Tracker Fund (Greycroft Partners), BDMI, Vayner/RSE, and End Cue.  Although things have died down a bit within the VR space when it comes to venture capital, this investment has indicated that demand for quality VR investments is still quite high, and will certainly help this company progress at a faster pace.

“Today, only expert-level developers can create VR stories,” said Gil Baron. “We’re going to change that.”

It will very interesting to follow this company over the next several months to see if they are able to meet their Summer deadline.  We will also eagerly be waiting to see just what Visionary VR will have to offer from a content creation standpoint.  Let’s hear your thoughts on this company in the Visionary VR forum on