Oculus Launches New Forum Layout As They Prepare For Influx of Developers & Gamers


a1Internet communities and forums have become important in the way that companies manage information.  The Oculus forum has been a staple of the VR ecosystem for many many months, catering to developers, and presenting a Q&A format that certainly has gone a long way in speeding up the development process for many.

As Oculus begins shipping their Rift VR headsets to customers, with an influx of new gamers and developers are sure to follow, the company has made a big move in remaking their rather popular forum website.  The move to the new layout began yesterday when the company announced that changes were on the way.  Approximately 12 hours later these changes began to roll out.

Our initial thoughts on the new Oculus forum layout are positive, in that the community website has a cleaner, more simplistic design element to it. Also it’s likely that Oculus chose this new layout as they foresaw the forum being compatible with the Oculus headset itself.  While the old forum was based off of the PHPBB script, the new forum is run by the more updated Vanilla Forums software.  From a user standpoint there have been a varying degree of feedback coming from the developer community.

“Indeed the layout is different, however I’ll give myself some time to get used to it and then draw an opinion,” wrote forum member ‘LKostyra’. “Overall it looks like it gives some handful of new features – drafts, like/dislike/awesome/lol, emoticon suggestions etc. Let’s see how it works for the next week.”

“I prefer the old layout by a lot, I hate when forums look like this, its so unappealing,” wrote forum member ‘In6seconds’.  “I do however like the dislike, like, awesome, lol feature.”

Usually forum changes can take a while to get use to, as members become attached to a particular layout.  If you feel that the new layout is a problem, I urge you to spend a few days on the forum and I’m willing to bet that your opinion will change, at least somewhat.  Let’s hear your thoughts on this new layout in our own Oculus Rift Forum on VRTalk.com.