OptoVR Launches Unique Opto Virtual Reality Headset on Kickstarter


a1Over the last six to twelve months we have seen a number of smartphone compatible virtual reality headsets hit the market.  From the cheap and affordable Google Cardboard devices to the pricier Samsung Gear VR, the market is expanding quite rapidly.  This last week, a London-based company called OptoVR emerged on the scene with a product which is unique, both from a feature and an aesthetics standpoint.

The Opto virtual reality headset made its debut on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform as OptoVr aims to raise $56,962 in order to produce the first 1,000 headsets. Within just a few days the company has already pre-sold over 170 headsets, raising more than $17,000, and they still have approximately four weeks remaining in their campaign.  

“We reached 25% in the first 2 days – Amazing,” wrote the company. “We are well on our way to getting funded. Thanks to all of you who keep sharing and posting on twitter, word is getting around and that’s exactly what we need. We have had loads more great feedback about Opto, and some lucky ones got to try it out at our event last week.”

Besides its unique, larger design, the Octo headset also utilizes a special lightweight foam material for much of its construction, meaning that despite its larger size, users often times don’t even realize that they have the headset strapped to their face.  Additionally, unlike the majority of smartphone headsets available today, the Octo headset integrates sound.  The foam casing wraps almost entirely around the sides of the head, and the smartphone is able to connect, via wire, to the integrated sound system within the headset.  This allows for a much more immersive experience, while not distracting those the user may be around.  Finally, because of the Octo headset’s larger size, the company is able to integrate extra large lenses into the headset, providing a field of view which is 25% larger than most of the competition.

For those of you interested in this new headset, a pledge of just £65 (approximately $92.50) will get you one of these devices, or a pledge of £100 (approximately $142) will get you two of these new headsets.  OctoVr also has other rewards available for larger quantities.  The very first headsets are expected to ship sometime in October of this year.

Let us know if you’ve backed this project on Kickstarter in the Octo Virtual Reality Headset forum on VRTalk.com.  Check out the Kickstarter promo video below: