Norwegian’s New $1.4B Cruise Ship ‘Joy’ Features Virtual Reality Arcade, Race Track & More


a1Residing here in Florida, I have been able to take advantage of quite a few deals when it comes to cruises.  In fact I have been on five different cruise ships from a variety of companies ranging from Royal Caribbean to Celebrity to Norwegian Cruise Lines. While each ship I have been on had their ups and downs, they were all relatively alike in that they had excellent food, tiny rooms and about the same level of entertainment.

Norwegian apparently wants to stand out from all the rest, as they have recently unveiled their latest crown jewel of the sea, in their 1,069 foot cruise ship called ‘Joy‘.  Set to debut in China during the Summer of 2017, and costing roughly $1.4 billion to construct (in unison with another one of their new ships), the Norwegian Joy seems to stand out from the crowd of ships in service currently.  Entertainment is where this new cruise ship excels, with a race car track, hovercraft bumper cars, an actual park, and of course their Galaxy Pavilion.

Whether you are a child or an adult, the Galaxy Pavilion will pull you in without a doubt.  This futuristic arcade is made up of an incredibly immersive virtual reality section, called the Oculus virtual reality experience along with simulations of rides and a massive interactive video wall. This includes dark ride simulators, an interactive race car-turned-simulator, and flight simulators.  With virtual reality making headlines within tech circles over the last few weeks, the technology is a fitting example of the future of entertainment, and Norwegian understands that such technology could be a huge selling point when they try to attract families on board their ships next year.  The only problem I foresee, is that with a capacity of 4,200 people on board, there may be long lines at many of the virtual reality stations.

If entertainment is not what you’re looking for then there are plenty of other goodies which should suit your fancy, including luxurious suites, incredible dining, and of course awesome stops along the way (itinerary forthcoming shortly).  Norwegian certainly has stepped up their game and it will be interesting to see how other cruise lines may react to Joy.  Will virtual reality and other expensive entertainment medium become the norm within these ships over the next several years?  We will have to wait and find out.  Let us know your thoughts on this new cruise ship in the Norwegian Joy VR forum on and be sure to check out the promotional video for the Norwegian Joy below.