Weekend Status Updates on HTC Vive & Oculus Rift Shipments


a1It’s been an exciting, yet also very frustrating couple of weeks for virtual reality enthusiasts.  With both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift commencing shipments this month, enthusiasm over both headsets ran wild.  The problem has been that much of that enthusiasm has been squashed because of delays, problem, and complete confusion among pre-order customers.  With that said, both Facebook’s Oculus and HTC seem to be at least trying to get their acts together. There has been a lot of news coming to us over the last 12-36 hours so we thought we’d give a quick weekend status update from both headset manufacturers.

First let’s start with Oculus.  While pre-orders are still trickling out, with many headsets expected to be deliver next week, Oculus has been forced to extend their backorder date by yet another month.  Those who order a Rift headset today likely will not receive it until August.  The further delay, likely caused by the component shortage they had announced last week, could force many gamers to wait until October for the Playstation VR headset to debut instead; likely without a wait.

Although HTC has been a bit better with their delivery times, many customers have complained about the company’s communication with customers.  While some pre-order customers have had their credit card orders dropped, there seems to be confusion among HTC’s support staff as to what those customers should be doing.  While one customer was told to re-order the Vive using Paypal, other customers were told not to do that.  This confusion and lack of direction by the company has spurred them to launch a Vive Shipment Updates blog post clarifying some of the more common questions by their customers.  The company has asked for patience and at least this shows that they are aware of the issues and are working to rectify them.

“We understand that multiple issues have arisen in the past two days and we are working hard to resolve them as quickly and efficiently as possible,” the post reads. “We appreciate your patience as we identify these issues and work to solve them.”

While HTC’s backlog will only extend into May, Oculus likely sold quite a few more headsets, making it somewhat understandable that the company is lagging behind despite initiating shipments over a week prior to HTC.  Everyone will eventually get their VR headsets, it’s just a matter of how much patience one has.  Should both companies have been better prepared?  Absolutely!

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