Eat Breakfast With Queen Cleopatra in Kellogg’s VR Experience Promoting New ‘Ancient Legends’ Cereal


a1While virtual reality has primarily been reserved for gaming thus far, Kellogg’s has recently turned to the technology in an effort to promote a new cereal they call ‘Ancient Legends‘ .  The cereal giant has developed a VR experience that’s incredibly unique; one which takes the user to Ancient Egypt, allowing them to sit down and eat breakfast with none other than Queen Cleopatra.

The Ancient Legends cereal is filled with all sorts of natural ingredients, such as flax seeds, chia, spelt and quinoa; all of which were popular back in the first century BC when Cleopatra reigned in Egypt.  Kellogg’s has reportedly put together a significant marketing budget in the United Kingdom for the new product, said to be in excess of $10.5 million. While offline and online media are a major part of this budget, they decided to turn to virtual reality, likely for the ‘wow’ factor.

“Ancient Legends is a huge investment that Kellogg’s has committed to across Europe, and we’re already seeing fantastic sales results here in the UK,” explained Ancient Legends marketing manager, Ruth Gresty. “We expect Ancient Legends to join the pantheon of Kelloggs’ best loved brands, with the same level of public recognition as Special K, Rice Krispies and Corn Flakes.”

Besides posting a 360-degree VR experience on Facebook, Kellogg’s offered guests in Britain to sit down for an even more immersive experience, using an Oculus Rift headset, along with the magnetic motion sensor controllers known as the Razr Hydra.  A spoon was then attached to the controller and the guests could actually eat their cereal while sitting across from the famous Cleopatra.

While this VR experience was likely just a small part of the company’s marketing budget, it does go to show that virtual reality is already being adopted for all sorts of interesting applications.  It will be interesting to see how else Kellogg’s along with other companies utilize VR as a marketing tool in the future.  Let us know your thoughts on this story in the Kellogg’s VR Experience forum on