Amazon: Oculus Rift PC Bundles Will Ship on April 23 — Pre-order Customers Furious


a1111As if the confusion and frustration regarding Oculus Rift pre-orders were not enough to send one’s blood pressure soaring, news coming from may in fact aggravate those still waiting for their pre-ordered Rifts to arrive, even further.  While many pre-order customers have been told that because of a component supply issue, they may have to wait as long as two months before their Rift arrives at their doorstep, according to Amazon’s customer support, it may be possible for people to order the Oculus Rift and ASUS G11CD-WS51 Desktop PC Bundle or multiple other bundles and receive their headset within a matter of 7-8 days.

It’s clear why some pre-order customers would be just a tad bit ticked off about this news, considering someone who has been waiting weeks for their headset and even placed their pre-order within 7-minutes of the launch, may have to wait until late May or early June to actually receive it, while those willing to spend $900 more for a bundle could theoretically order one today and have it by next Saturday, April 23.

“Oculus Rift + ASUS Oculus Read G!!CD-WS51 Desktop PC Bundle is scheduled for release on April 23, 2016.  We expect to deliver your order by the time this item is released.  Thank you for taking time to contact,” read’s a recent email from Amazon’s customer service division.

The ASUS bundle, which costs $1499.99, seems to be one of several Oculus Rift bundle offerings that Amazon is has available from ASUS, Dell and Alienware.  Several of these bundles, which are priced between $1,499 and $3,148, also have release dates of April 23 according to the site.  From what we can tell, all of these bundles, including the Alienware Area 51 Bundle, Alienware X51 R3 i5 8GB or 16GB Bundle, ASUS G11CD-WS51 Bundle, and Dell XPS 8900 bundle will be released at the same time.

“I have to say, if first day pre-orders don’t get their rifts before these bundles ship out… I’d consider ebaying my CV1 and going with a Vive because Oculus would be f*****g over a tremendous amount of people,” wrote one aggravated gaming enthusiast.

While there has been no statement from Oculus pertaining to their pre-order bundle launch dates, it seems apparent that the bundles will in fact be getting to many customers well in advance of the pro-orders placed many weeks ago.  What are your thoughts on this news?  Are you a pre-order custmer still waiting for your headset?  Let’s hear your thoughts in the Oculus Rift Bundle forum on