GoPro VR Goes Live As Omni 360-Degree Camera Rig Launches


a1A couple of weeks ago we broke the news that GoPro would soon be launching a rig of six cameras called the Omni VR camera.  While pricing details were unavailable at the time, GoPro said that it wouldn’t be a whole lot more expensive than the six required Hero4 cameras which fit inside.  Well, today, along with launching a pre-order page for the new rig, GoPro has announced pricing.  The entire Omni rig and six-camera setup will run you $4,999, while the rig alone just $1,500.

This isn’t all the virtual reality news coming from the camera manufacturer today, however.  In fact, the even bigger news may be the launch of their website and application called GoPro VR.  GoPro VR will be going live in just a few hours (approximately 11 am EST), and may in fact offer up the key content that many VR enthusiasts feel is missing from the industry.  GoPro VR will have both iOS and Android applications launching later today, and many within the industry expect it be a rebranding of the application called ‘Kolor Eyes’ that GoPro acquired last April with its purchase of Kolor, a French virtual reality company.

GoPro VR will feature 360-degree VR content, likely submitted by both the company’s sponsored athletes as well as users of GoPro devices around the globe.  All of the content posted on this new application will be viewable on virtual reality headsets such as Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, etc.  While the space for VR content begins to expand with strong competition coming from Google, Facebook, Samsung and others, GoPro hopes to leverage their already thriving community of hardcore fans to turn GoPro VR into more than just a simple application.  There is certainly a demand for high-quality VR content and that’s just what we believe GoPro VR will be able to offer.

With the launch of the Omni camera rig along with GoPro VR and their HEROCast software, which will allow for the broadcasting of live VR content, GoPro is setting themselves up to become a virtual reality Goliath.  With the stock down close to 70% over the last 12 months, investors certainly were looking for something which could reignite growth within the company.  It seems that these VR initiatives could be just that.  Let’s hear your thoughts on GoPro’s venture further into the VR world in the GoPro VR forum on