VideoBlocks Rolls Out Stock VR Video Footage As a New Offering


a1The stock photography and stock video-clip business is a good one to be involved in.  With an endless demand for such content, being a provider certainly isn’t a bad way to make a living.  VideoBlocks, a Reston, Virginia-based company has today announced that they will be expanding upon their offerings by becoming, according to them, the first ever virtual reality stock video footage provider on the planet.

VideoBlocks got its start by thinking outside the box, providing a subscription based stock video footage service to their customers while also creating a marketplace for stock videographers to sell their content as well.  With virtual reality seemingly the next big form of media to be consumed by the general public, it’s only natural that a forward thinking company like VideoBlocks would be the first to venture into this space.

“For the first five years, VideoBlocks consisted exclusively of content we either shot ourselves or purchased from others but had the rights to,” VideoBlocks founder and chairman Joel Holland told  “A year ago we decided to add a marketplace to our unlimited library based on user feedback. If you’re a shooter in VideoBlocks, we let you keep 100 percent. With over a million dollars in payouts and a huge library, our growth in content was exponential—our marketplace is going to have around three million clips by the end of the year. So we stepped back to think: ‘how do we keep this progress moving forward? What else are our customers demanding?’”

Now that virtual reality seems to be exploding onto the scene, with dozens of companies entering the space from a content creation, as well as hardware (both cameras and headsets) standpoint, VideoBlocks considers this the perfect time to feel out the market.  As a start, the company has decided to provide their own content to their subscribers, who will be able to download it themselves free of charge as part of their general subscription fee.  With that said, they are also planning on doing an open call asking VR content creators to submit their content to VideoBlocks in exchange for a cash payout.  The payout will be $399 USD for every 360-degree monoscopic clip and $499 USD for each 360-degree stereoscopic clip they upload.

“We’re doing with virtual reality what we did with 4K seven years ago, and we’re doing it at an affordable and fair price that benefits the entire ecosystem, on all levels,” says Holland. “The stock media and video production industries are continuing to evolve every day, and with this addition, VideoBlocks continues to be at the forefront of the industry as a trusted platform for the mass creative class to explore new ways of creating, which in this case, is virtual reality.”

As the number of VR headset owners continues to mushroom, and the demand for content grows, such an offering by VideoBlocks could ultimately be a goldmine.  At the same time, as more affordable 360-degree video equipment is made available, there will be an increased supply of such content coming online, perhaps diluting the value of the company’s offerings.  What are your thoughts on VideoBlocks and their latest VR content?  Let us know in the VideoBlocks forum on  Check out a few sample VR video clips provided by VideoBlocks below: