David Beckham Interviewed in 360-Degree VR As Sky Sports Celebrates 25th Anniversary


a1According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, there will be a time in the not too distant future when we all will be able to stand before athletes, movie stars and politicians in a near-lifelike experience thanks to advancements being made in the field of virtual reality.  While this vision isn’t quite possible yet, we are certainly getting there.  Today Sky Sports, as part of their 25th anniversary celebration, has unveiled a special 5-minute interview with one of England’s biggest sports stars, David Beckham.  What makes this interview special is that it has been filmed with a 360-degree video camera, allowing the viewer to glance around the production studio as the Sky Sports’ anchor Kirsty Gallacher asks the soccer star what his three top Premier League goals of all-time were.

The video, which can be seen at the Sky Sports Facebook Page as well as at the bottom of this article, allows the viewer to not only concentrate on Gallacher and Beckham, but also see what’s happening in the background of the studio.  You can watch as the production crew work behind the scene at the recently founded Sky VR Studios and check out everything else that’s going on during a typical interview that you usually are not privy to seeing.

“Virtual Reality is incredible and it’s no surprise that Sky are leading the way in this area,” explained Beckham. “I really enjoyed the interview and the results are stunning as the viewer will really feel they’re in the studio with us,  Sky Sports has always set the benchmark for the quality of its sports coverage, and I’m very proud to be part of its first moves into VR.”

This film obviously won’t be the last virtual reality content produced by Sky VR Studios.  In fact, they have over 20 mini-VR films planned throughout the year to mark Sky Sports’ 25th year of operations.  These films will cover various large sporting events to general news to cultural events.

“At Sky, we want to create VR content that puts the viewer in places they would never be able to experience,” explained executive producer for Sky VR, Neil Graham.  “To celebrate 25 years of Sky Sports, it made sense to bring together one of the biggest icons from the last 25 years with the latest in broadcasting technology.”

There is no doubt that 360-degree VR content will continue to make waves over the next couple of years as millions of VR headsets are purchased around the world.  As VR technology advances and software and filming equipment also move forward, the immersive experiences will only become closer to reality.  Let’s hear your thoughts on Sky Sports’ latest undertaking in the David Beckham VR Interview forum on VRTalk.com.