Oculus Rift June Shipping Window May Have Been Moved Up Substantially


a1You all are likely aware of the seemingly never-ending delays that many Oculus Rift pre-order customers have been facing over the last four weeks.  The frustration, which has seemingly boiled over at some points throughout the month, seem to have subsided at least a little bit after the company announced that component shortages are causing these unforeseen delays.  Whether the components involved in these delays were in fact the Fresnel lenses like DigiTimes had reported or some other crucial part, doesn’t really make much of a difference at this point.  All that matters to most pre-order customers is whether they will be receiving their Rift headsets on or before their revised shipping window provided to them by the company.

While many customers have been told that they may have to wait until June to finally received their headset, today reports are indicating that a surprise may be in store for some of these customers.  While we can’t guarantee the authenticity of the reports at hand, a couple of customers who were given a shipment window in the June time frame are reporting that they have been contacted by Oculus and told to expect a shipping confirmation email shortly.

“I just received an order processing email and I’m told to expect a shipping confirmation email with tracking info soon. My original date estimate was May, I got the original 3 week shipping window email. Revised date was late June. US customer. Looking like they’ve really ramped up production faster than expected,” wrote one Reddit user only moments ago.

That’s not all though.  We also received an email from an individual who has asked to remain anonymous stating that they have also received a similar email and that their revised shipping window also was in June.  Could it be that Oculus under-promised and is about to overachieve in the eyes of these somewhat disgruntled customers? It seems like this may in fact me the case.  We don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, as the last thing we want is for individuals to begin preparing for the arrival of their Rift only to find out that they will still have to wait another 1-2 months for delivery, but if these two reports are true, there may be a lot of very happy Oculus customers over the next week or two.  Remember though that there have been many rumors regarding delays over the last couple of weeks and many have turned out to ultimately be false.

Are you in the June shipping window?  Has Oculus contacted you about an incoming shipment date?  Let us and the VR community know in the Oculus Shipping Delay forum on VRTalk.com.