Disney Partners With Nokia For VR Content Creation Via OZO Camera


a1As we’ve said so many times in the past, content is what will truly drive growth within the virtual reality space.  Just ask anyone with a Google Cardboard headset what they think of the selection of VR content currently available, and more than likely their answer will include the words ‘lacking’ or ‘weak’. This is all about to change, however, as a number of both consumer-oriented and professional 360-degree cameras have been unveiled over the last several weeks.  One such professional device is Nokia’s OZO camera.

Priced in the $60,000 range, the OZO camera is feature-rich. The device consists of 8 camera lenses, all of which are synchronized and provide an angle of view of 195 degrees each, while the capture frame-rate is 30 fps and the device has a recording duration of 45 minutes per media module. The OZO is without a doubt a camera for professional VR filmography, and today a major media giant, Disney has given it their vote of confidence.

Disney has announced that through a multi-year partnership with Nokia, they will being creating virtual reality content using Nokia’s OZO camera along with compatible software and the necessary support.

“Virtual Reality represents a new frontier in storytelling, and we’re thrilled to be bringing this VR technology to the team at Disney,” said Ramzi Haidamus, President at Nokia Technologies. “OZO will help Disney bring their film properties to life in new ways through immersive entertainment experiences, and our focus will be on helping them get the most out of VR as they begin to uncover all that it has to offer.”

The camera, which launched back in November of last year, has already been used by Disney in the creation of 360-degree VR content related to their latest film, Jungle Book. While the film itself obviously was not filmed in a 360-degree format, a cast interview and content based around the red carpet premier was.

“We are very excited to collaborate with Nokia Technologies to help explore the creation of VR content for our theatrical releases,” said Jamie Voris, Chief Technology Officer, The Walt Disney Studios. “We aim to bring extraordinary experiences to audiences around the world, and specially-created VR content is one more way we can transport people even further into the worlds our filmmakers create.”

Nokia seems to have set themselves up in an ideal niche, where they can take advantage of the demand for high-quality VR content, while facing very little in terms of competition within the professional space. Let’s hear your thoughts on this partnership in the Nokia OZO forum on VRTalk.com