Cogswell College To Launch World’s First Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality Certificate Program


a1You have to love the options students have now-a-days regarding their education.  Just over a decade ago when I was getting my bachelors degree, if I wanted to do anything related to game development I would have had to major in computer science.  Fast forward 11 years and colleges and universities now offer an ever-expanding range of topics that one can get certified in.  The latest? Virtual and augmented reality, thanks to Cogswell Polytechnical College in San Jose, California.  With virtual and augmented reality representing the future of not only the gaming industry, but a wide range of other industries as well, now seems to be the perfect time to get one’s certification in such a field.

Cogswell College, recently listed as one of the Princeton Review’s top Video Game Design Schools, plans to launch their VR/AR program later this summer, expecting demand to be quite high out of the gate.  The program, which will be offered during weekday nights and weekends so that professional game developers are able to manage their schedule around such classes, will be comprised of a six-course program set.  This includes classes for “HCI Design,” “Perceptual/Cognitive Aspects of VR/AR,” and “Design for VR,” among others.

“We look forward to helping the industry make sense of the exciting recent developments in virtual reality,” stated Jerome Solomon, Cogswell’s Dean of the College & Director of Game Design and Development. “We recognize the pain of developing around emerging VR/AR systems while at the same time the gaming industry has always led the way in finding applications for new technologies.”

Cogswell has assembled quite an advisory board for their VR/AR program, which includes many names that may be familiar to some of you:  Fabien Bourdon, P.E., Sr. Architect, Citrix Systems; Richard Chuang, CEO and Founder of CloudPic, and two-time Academy Award Winner; Jeremy Kenisky, Director of 3D/Interactive, Geomedia, Inc.; Curt Miyashiro, Production Technology Supervisor, Jaunt VR; and Stephanie Riggs, CEO/Founder, Azimyth Creation Studio.

The college is trying to attract motivated individuals to apply to the program, and is specifically reaching out to the following types of people:

  • Computer graphics (CG) professionals
  • Computer Engineering professionals
  • Professional Digital Artists
  • Recent graduates in Digital Arts or Engineering Programs
  • Current students in Media Art or Game programs
  • Students who have completed courses in 3D modeling.

While it’s a near-certainly that other colleges will eventually offer such certificate programs for VR and AR, Cogswell seems well positioned within the heart of Silicon Valley to really provide the education and future connections that students need to succeed.  Let us know if you have applied for this program in the VR/AR Education forum on