Where To Buy an Oculus Rift Starting This Friday


a1If you’ve been waiting weeks for your Oculus Rift headset pre-order to arrive, then this news may not particularly make you happy. Oculus is planning to release the Rift headset online and via retail through several different channels. While the company has stated that they will allow pre-order customers to purchase the headset via these channels while not having to forfeit their pre-order benefits, others who have not been waiting tirelessly for a headset can also scoop one up if they are fast enough.

“We know that many pre-order customers are still waiting for their Rifts, so we’re offering those customers a chance to purchase Rift from retail instead – while keeping their pre-order benefits, like the EVE: Valkyrie Founder’s Pack and priority status for Touch pre-orders, explained Oculus on their blog yesterday. Starting May 6th, if you’re interested, simply go to your order status and let us know you’ve purchased a Rift at retail, and we’ll cancel your pre-order. Your EVE: Valkyrie entitlement will appear in your order history.”

So where and how can you land one of the very limited number of Rift headsets that will be made available on May 6 and 7 to the public? There are three separate channels to do so:

May 6 – Amazon.com
Starting at 9am PST Amazon.com will begin selling headsets in limited quantity. We urge you to check this link out and be sure to click on the ‘Oculus Rift” option instead of one of the bundles. While Oculus has not stated how many headsets will be available we are willing to guess it’s not very many, so you may want to stay glued to your computer during this timeframe.

May 6 – Microsoft Store
Also at 9am PST on Friday, Microsoft will be making the Rift headset available for order as well. Currently the company lists only Rift/PC bundles, however, we are told that the standalone headset will appear on the Rift sales page as well once Friday morning hits. Just like with Amazon.com quantities will be extremely limited.

May 7 – Best Buy Stores
As we mentioned yesterday, 48 Best Buy locations will be stocked with limited quantities of Oculus Rift headsets Saturday morning when they open. These Best Buy stores will also allow gamers to try the Rift out for themselves, however, I would’t recommend testing the device out until after you secure one of the limited headsets, as I’m fairly certain that they will be flying off of the shelves in no time.

It appears as if the push further into retail and online sales will continue for Oculus as we approach the start of Summer, and more than likely the shortages, which have been irritating thousands of gamers, will come to an end within a matter of a few week’s time.

Let us know if you have purchased or intend to purchase a Rift headset via one of these channels in the Best Buy/Amazon/ Microsoft Oculus Rift forum on VRTalk.com