4K Virtual Reality Porn Is Here — Thanks to Velvet Reality


a1The adult virtual reality entertainment space is certainly growing rapidly.  With PornHub launching their own adult VR section of their website a month ago, it was only a matter of time before other large players within the industry would take note and follow suit.  Today one such company  has announced their entrance into the adult VR industry is Velvet Reality.  Through a major partnership with industry leaders BaDoinkVR, VixenVR, Lightsouthern and Gloss, Velvet Reality will make available high-quality streaming 4K 180-degree and 360-degree adult content, all compatible with numerous virtual reality devices.

The content, which will be rolled out on several of their partner’s websites and mobile apps, will be viewable on all Google Cardboard devices, as well as the Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift headsets.  Plans to make such content viewable on the HTC Vive are also currently underway. Velvet Reality says that the video quality will be superb, featuring 4K resolution at 5Mbps, all streaming without interruption.  The videos will all be DRM protected and feature 3D and binaural sound.

“Adult content in VR is unequivocally better than in 2D or 3D. This is an open and shut case.” Todd Glider, CEO BaDoinkVR, “Strapping a set of ski goggles onto your head and trying to navigate a new system can be challenging, Velvet makes it straightforward. They offer a virtual reality platform that streams content directly to your headset, no downloading giant files, one less step. This is a great upside as ease of use is a key factor in viewing adult content. Once consumers try VR, they are not going back”

While we have heard both positive and negative comments related to virtual reality porn following the launch of PornHub’s initiatives, it’s certainly an area we will be seeing quite a lot of innovation and further adoption within.  While some users have said that viewing adult content on a VR headset is a bit awkward, especially not knowing just what’s actually going on around you in the physical world, there is no doubt that the immersiveness of VR has taken the porn industry to the next level on many fronts.

Let’s hear your thoughts on this partnership, and what it may mean for the adult VR space in the Velvet Reality VR Adult Content forum on VRTalk.com.