EchelonVR Launches — Turn Any 3D Model Into a Virtual Reality Experience


a1We all know that virtual reality will eventually work its way into all sorts of new arenas.  From gaming to entertainment to the enterprise, VR is what the PC was 30 years ago.  One area which certainly should see significant VR adoption as we move forward is the shopping and marketing industries.  One company, called rapidBizApps has just launched a new software product called EchelonVR, which could make the adoption of VR significantly easier for those looking to market and sell new products via trade shows or even online.

The way the new EchelonVR software works is quite simple, especially if you are already working with 3D models within AutoCAD or SolidWorks.  For instance if you are a heavy-equipment sales associate trying to sell a large multi-ton tractor at a trade show, all you’d have to do is pull up a 3D model of that piece of equipment, feed it into the EchelonVR software, and within a matter of minutes a fully immersive interactive VR demo is formed around that 3D model.  This model can then be viewed within its native environment on any number of possible VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift, HTV Vive or Samsung Gear VR.  The amount of money saved by not having to deal with the logistics of moving a 15,000 pound piece of equipment across country and then displaying it at an event or show could be staggering.

“Product demos at trade shows and expos are great but have limitations. If you are a heavy equipment manufacturer, you need to spend a huge chunk of your trade show budget on logistics. Compare that with a virtual product demo that requires only a smartphone and a suitable VR headset. It’s a no-brainer.”, says Satish Penmetsa, CEO, rapidBizApps “It’s really simple for the customer. Just three steps. Determine your product demo objectives, choose the best VR platform, and then have your virtual reality demo built.”

The software could also be used by online stores to create virtual reality demos around any number of products, both small and large.  The compatibility with some of the more popular 3D modeling software on the market makes EchelonVR quite an impressive product.  Considering the amount of 3D rendered data available, such software should help bring forth many new VR experiences from an enterprise and marketing standpoint.

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