ZTE Appears To Be Ready to Unveil a Virtual Reality Headset


a1The tremendous success of Samsung’s Gear VR, and its ecosystem has surprised many within the virtual reality industry. So much so, that I would venture to say that many of the larger players within the smartphone market were caught off guard by the sheer excitement brought on by the $99 headset.  Over the last few months several competitors within the market, including LG, and Huawei have announced their own VR devices, and now it appears as if yet another major player within the smartphone market, ZTE will be entering the space imminently.

While it had been rumored for some time that ZTE may be looking to enter the VR space, a social media post on Sina Weibo by CEO of ZTE Mobile Devices, Zeng Xuezhong, indicated that a new second-generation AXON display would soon be unveiled, which is more than capable of handling the performance requirements of virtual reality.

“To all appearances, a 2K resolution screen of a smartphone seems unrelated to VR. ButZTE’s smartphone development strengths in the area of display matter immensely, with its knowledge and know-how for the importance of dynamic color range, contrast ratio, and response time in order to offer a good VR experience,” said Zeng.

While there is no timeline in place as to when such a product could be ready for retail, it is very possible that any such product could be in the later stages of development, as the company has indicated months ago that they were carefully studying the VR space and allocating assets for research and development to virtual reality projects.  The company, based out of Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, brings in over $12 billion in revenue per year, making their possible entrance into the VR space quite significant from an industry standpoint.  Whether ZTE will follow in Huawei’s footsteps, by basically launching a near-copy of the Samsung Gear VR, or LG’s footsteps in launching a product that’s unlike any other in the LG 360, is yet to be seen.  Regardless, however, the entrance of ZTE into this space will likely spur even more innovation and competition within a market that’s set to explode over the coming months and years ahead.  This can only be a good thing for consumers.

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