New Infinitus Prime tVR Headset Puts The Oculus Rift & HTC Vive to Shame


a1Innovation, spurred by competition, is what drives almost every industry to continue to invest in research and development.  While the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are currently considered the gold-standard of the virtual reality world, there is no doubt that both devices will eventually be supplanted by something new, either from these two companies themselves or a new company altogether.  In fact, this may already be the case.

This week, a small 20-person team at Infinitus Global has unveiled the Infinitus Prime tVR Headset, and frankly it puts both the Rift and the Vive to shame from a feature and specification standpoint.  The headset, which will not be competing with either company, Oculus or HTC, within the consumer-targeted VR market, instead is aimed at the businesses, education and the enterprise spaces. The specifications of this device, listed below, seem to be above and beyond what many of us have come to expect for a top-of-the-line VR headset:

  • Display Type – IPS LCD
  • Resolution: 5120X1440
  • Refresh Rate: 60fps
  • FOV: 140%

As you can see, besides the refresh rate, the Infinitus Prime tVR outdoes the Rift and the Vive by a mile in terms of the field of view and resolution, both which are incredibly important for highly immersive content.  Additionally, the Infinitus Prime tVR comes equipped with the ability to multicast, and has programmable and switchable lenses.  One may wonder what the point of such lenses may be.  The company’s CEO Howard, Thompson explains below:

“Say you were doing a racing simulator game and its relatively high resolution, but it’s going to be moving quite quickly. You may not need to see every millimeter detail, that could need one type of lens, a Fresnel lens (Lenses that divide into a set of concentric sections, commonly made from plastic). And then you have your traditional glass lenses. Say you’re doing remote surgery, you don’t need a massive field of view, you just need to see what you’re looking at. This is where we come into our own.”

Because the company is not catering towards consumers and gamers, a lower refresh rate of just 60fps may not be all that restricting, and the ability to completely customize this white-label device should appeal to businesses everywhere.  The headset is expect to launch around August of this year, and Thompson has yet to set a price point for the device.  He has indicated that the specifications may in fact improve over the next few months as the company gets closer to a retail version of the headset.

Let’s hear your thoughts on this new device in the Infinitus Prime tVR forum on