View The Latest News In Virtual Reality — USA Today To Launch ‘VRtually There’


Could you imagine a new form of media for getting your news, which would take you into the action?  Well today USA Today announced that they are launching a website and a mobile application which will do just that.  Dubbed ‘VRtually There,’ the new series will take the viewer into the action, while USA Today tries to capitalize on the exponential growth expected within the virtual reality space.

“USA TODAY Network has been a pioneer in virtual reality storytelling and a leader in the news space with award winning VR content,” Joanne Lipman,new chief content officer of Gannett USA Today’s Parent company, said in a statement.

The new series, which will explore news in all aspects of life including sports, politics, business, finance, entertainment and more, can be viewed at the website located here, or via an applications called VR Today.  In addition to this new virtual reality content, USA Today also looks to capitalize on the increased viewership by taking advantage of VR advertising via their in-house ad platform GET Creative.

The company looks to launched new VR stories every week, allowing anyone with an internet browser to consumer the news in a 360 degree viewing angle.  Users are able to rotate the angle of the camera by simply clicking and dragging their mouse.  To make things even more interactive and ‘virtual’ those with a virtual reality headset like the Google Cardboard will be able to immerse themselves in the story like never before, turning their head to see the story from a different angle.  While Gannett and USA Today are certainly innovating in a space which is sure to experience rapid growth, they are not the first news organization to jump into the the virtual reality space.  In fact Sports Illustrated, The New York Times and the United Nations are all exploring the technology in some form or another.

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