Elite: Dangerous to Launch With Oculus Rift on March 28


As gamers and virtual reality fanatics prepare for the launch of the Oculus Rift device in just over 2 weeks, we just got word about a game which will be launching along with the VR platform come March 28.  It appears as if the ‘Super Mario Brothers,” or “Sonic The Hedgehog” of the Oculus Rift will be a space exploration game called ‘Elite: Dangerous”.  The best parts of this news is that all current Elite Dangerous and Horizons season pass owners will get the Oculus version of the game absolutely free, and the game will actually be compatible with more than just the Oculus rift.  Headsets such as the HTC Vive will also be capable of playing this game.

Both Frontier, the developer of the game, and Oculus announced this news on their websites earlier this week to quite a bit of fanfare.

“Frontier was one of the earliest Kickstarter backers and developed Elite Dangerous with VR in mind,” explained Oculus on their blog. “It also supports cross-platform multiplayer, which means you can explore the galaxy with players across Oculus, consoles, PC, and Mac.”

Elite: Dangerous is a massively-multiplayer game in which players get to explore a more dangerous version of our own galaxy as they follow a player-driven narrative and take part in realistic combat.  The graphics for the game are decent, and the open feel is perfect for showing off the benefits of virtual reality gaming.

“The Elite Dangerous universe is even more fun in VR, with billions of star systems to explore, dozens of ships to pilot, and countless battles to win,” wrote Oculus.

Oculus also alleviated some concerns with those individuals who own the older DK2 headsets, in announcing that the game will be compatible with those devices as well.  This is certainly an exciting time if you are at all interested in VR gaming.  Let us know if you have a chance to play this game on any VR platform.  Discuss in the Elite: Dangerous forum thread on VRTalk.com.