Virtual Reality Art: Donald Trump With Adolf Hitler Inside Him


As yet another big day of primaries are upon us, Republicans head to the polls today in Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Illinois and Missouri to decide who their nominee for the general election will be.  With Donald J. Trump the favorite on the Republican side, many critics have compared his antics to that of Adolf Hitler.  While such comparisons have been made in past elections about other presidential candidates, this year is different in that the comparisons, whether remotely fair or not, have been quite overwhelming.

With that said, no matter who you are going to vote for this coming election, there is no doubt that technology is playing a larger and larger role within the election process. Anyone, anywhere can express their opinion on an open stage and argue their position.  At the same time, art, images and videos can be shared within moments, making the politic dialogue even more chaotic and interesting at the same time.  Take for instance a recent piece of virtual reality art created on a program called Tilt Brush VR, by a man named Tipatat Chennavasin, who is a general partner at The Venture Reality Fund.  The piece, which doesn’t have a name as of yet, is a 3D virtual reality drawing of Donald Trump, who is nicknamed ‘Drumpf’ from John Oliver’s recent segment that mocks the politician, standing at a podium.  When a user walks through the picture within the virtual reality space they encounter yet another image, this one of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

“At a Tilt Brush artshow, my favorite piece was of a campsite with a teepee by a fantastic artist named Akin Bilgic,” Tipatat Chennavasin, explained. “It had an easter egg where if you look inside you saw this great interior. I really liked that idea of looking inside the art and seeing more, which was only possible in VR. I thought it was time to try and actually say something since art is most powerful when it has a message or meaning.  I am very concerned about the rise of Donald Trump and his brand of ugly bullying and advocacy of violence as the first response and as an artist I wanted to say something about it.”

Below you will find a video of this piece situated in a virtual reality world.  Whether you are for or against the billionaire politician, you have to admit that the concept is clever nonetheless.

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